These 14 People Weren’t Prepared for the Moment Their Body Betrayed Them

The older you get, the most often your body (especially your back and knees, my goodness) just gives you the finger some days. It’s like it thinks it’s done serving you well wayyyyyyyy before the important stuff on the inside gives out, right?

These 14 people recall those shocking moments when everything is fine one minute, and then suddenly…not.

14. Say it ain’t so.

My rheumatoid arthritis came after a bout of mono.

Happened to a lot of people I know.

It’s not just anecdotal, there does appear to be some science behind the link, although mono isn’t the only illness that cause trigger the genetics for it.

13. It’s just uncomfortable. Until…

It’s called an oral allergy. I cant eat any fresh fruit with a core (apples and pears) or a pit (cherries, peaches,etc).

Started at puberty with cherries and slowly the list grew over the years. It sucks because my symptoms aren’t even that bad, but if you keep pushing it, your body can develop an anaphylactic response 🙁

12. This is all terrible.

About 10 years ago, I got strep.

A couple weeks later, I started noticing little spots on my body.

It progressed to full blown psoriasis.

Ever since, I have been more or less covered in spots. It has made me very insecure.

It was years before I would wear shorts.

I haven’t had a date in almost a decade. I’m not unhappy…just can’t reckon anyone would ever be attracted to me looking like this.

11. There’s no reasoning with the brain.

That feeling when you’re so tired that you can’t get comfortable and you just spent a few hours rolling around going “mrrrmph… hrrrrng…. mraAAAAAAW…”

10. Surgeons gotta get paid.

I’m laying here right now with 35 staples in my abdomen because they had to open me up to get rid of scar tissue from a previous surgery to get rid of scar tissue…

It’s an endless cycle that’s been going on about 8 years now.

9. Where no one wants to live.

When I became a resident of Diabetesville.

8. When your back says nope.

On Monday when I lifted my 105 lb Lab/St Bernard mix in to the back of my truck, along with his 80 lb sister.

Come to think of it, that may actually be when I betrayed my body.

7. Get with the program.

When my T cells started attacking my brain matter and spinal myelin.

Suck a bag of d*cks Multiple Sclerosis.

6. Like driving a beater car forever.

Me and a similarly disabled friend spoke about this months back, re:covid.

They said that the difference between disabled and non disabled people really boils down to this: abled people can trust their body.

They can trust it to have energy, to fight off sickness, for the kidneys or heart or lungs to work… And many disabled people don’t have that luxury.

They have to be constantly ready for it to break down. It’s like driving a sh**mobile on an empty highway and just praying you make it to the next gas station.

They said that was the most infuriating thing about the covid response, that so many people took their bodies vigor for granted.

5. I think their body actually saved them.

I was a functioning alcoholic for a long time.

To my detriment, I became quite good at hiding my drinking.

That is, until the alcoholic pancreatitis, the swollen liver, and the .50 BAC when I was brought to the hospital.

Addiction isn’t a joke. (that all was 8+years ago, I’m 7 years into my sobriety journey with 5 years of full sobriety)

4. It is what it is, my friend.

At some point during puberty my body decided it would be cool to grow extra thick hair on my butt cheeks.

3. Just wait a few days!

On the night before my wedding. I got the worst food poisoning imaginable (made the mistake of having ice in my drink in a country where the water was NOT safe to drink) and spent the entire night & the majority of my wedding day puking and sh**ting uncontrollably.

It was a destination wedding, just my husband & I….all alone in a hotel in beautiful foreign country….the language of which we did not speak. Luckily, we had the most amazingly kind hotel staff do everything they could to help us….whilst laughing hysterically pretty much the entire time.

I was so sick that I actually lost several pounds and had to be sewn into my wedding dress the next bc it was falling off of me. I was too weak to stand much less walk, so I was carried to my wedding and literally held up for the ceremony by the hotel staff. We had to pause saying our vows several times so that I could vomit into a bucket. I obviously was unable to eat any of my beautiful wedding cake, drink a glass of champagne or consummate my marriage on my wedding night.

It was awful but we laugh about it now. My husband calls it our s**t show of a wedding.

2. Even in the womb.

It’s been systematically betraying me since forever lol.

I was born with a small birth defect where my ankle bone didn’t separate properly or had some kind of extra bone, don’t remember specifics, but we didn’t find out until after years of ankle pain usually thought to just be sprains. A massive cyst formed over top of it and displaced my nerves. I had surgery at 16 to remove the whole mess.

Post surgery, I suffered opiate withdrawals and barely slept for weeks.

Last year, I developed fibromyalgia, so I wake up every morning feeling like I just got out of a car crash.

These last two months, I had some kind of persistent vomiting for a good while. Still having trouble eating. Still haven’t figured it out.

And, oh yeah, on top of that….my body regrew the ankle bone coalition that was removed four years ago.

I think I killed my body’s father in a past life.

1. This is a major body fail.

First week of December during grade 9 I got really bad flu. We’re talking I couldn’t even keep down a little bit of water.

Fast forward one month and I feel very odd. I’m drinking tons of water and passing like a racehorse. I pee the bed occasionally, my mother says I look like I’m going to die.

We go to the doctor and after a blood check, I’m found to have a blood sugar level of 25 mmls. I am then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and sent to the hospital to get my sugar under control as well as get educated on whats happening to myself.

Thats where the doctor told me how I most likely got the disease. See, nobody in my extended family and I mean not a single person, has type 1 so that immediately rules out it being hereditary.

The doctor says, “its mostly a theory but seems to be the main observed reasoning behind it, but when you were sick your body overreacted to destroying the illness, and the little cells in your pancreas that create insulin well they look kind of like foreign bodies so your immune system went in and cleared them out. For a time you’ll still have some natural insulin production but your body will eventually kill the rest.”

You guys these meat suits are just unreliable. All of them.

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