These 15 Cats Are Absolute Jerks, but That’s Exactly Why We Love Them

Cats wouldn’t be cats if they weren’t slightly evil. A tad malicious. Hell, their idea of a good time is playing with a mouse until it’s dead.

But that’s why we like them. Cats are the “bad boy” of the pet world. There’s something about their sassiness, disregard for the rules, withholding of affection, and utter lack of giving a f*ck that has us wrapped around their little toe beans.

Take these cats for example. These 15 cats are absolute jerks, but that’s exactly why we love them.

1. Don’t worry human, I’ll save you!

Quickly, escape from the water while I keep it distracted.

Heard my husband screaming while in the shower..walked in on this from CatsAreAssholes

2. A pot of rice is not a litter box

But I can see how you might think it is.

Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice… from Wellthatsucks

3. Don’t test me human…

I am not a cat to be trifled with.

Quarantine – Day 4 from CatsAreAssholes

4. He found the toilet paper

My God have mercy on their bottoms.

My cat loves to shred toilet paper. Today, she found my entire stash. from funny

5. Thief! Thief!

And I almost got away with it, if it hadn’t been for you meddling humans.

6. Cats don’t take to well

to be told where they can or cannot go.

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7. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Was it worth it, cat?

This is why we can’t have nice things from CatsAreAssholes

8. Plants are friends

NOT food.

derp eets succulent from AnimalsBeingDerps

9. Are we in an anime right now?

Because this is too cute to be real.

Predator from CatsAreAssholes

10. When your cat is jealous of your computer

Yeah. Working from home is going great.

It’s hard to work with a cat around from aww

11. This cat locked its owners out of the car

Just cause.

My wife and I are on our way to a wedding in Vermont and we pulled over on the highway to switch drivers and as soon as we got out our cat Diesel stepped on the lock button and locked us out. from CatsAreAssholes

12. I’ve heard of Bread Kittens

But this is a little much.

Just why.. from CatsAreAssholes

13. Work smarter not harder, am I right?

It gets the job done.

14. Hey look they’re friends

Oh wait, no they’re sworn enemies. My mistake.

My neighbor’s cat drops by every once in a while to stick his head through the window and scream at my cat from AnimalsBeingJerks

15. Remember what I said about cats and toilet paper?

There’s nothing left we can do.

I needed to use the restroom and saw this instead from AnimalsBeingJerks

Despite the broken TVs, the pee-soaked rice, and the toppled over trash-cans, for some reason we just keep loving cats.

They can scratch us, bite us, wake us, sneak up on us, and yet somehow, at the end of the day, once they start purring and making biscuits on the blanket, we can’t help but go “Awww” and give them a big snuggle.

Is your cat a jerk? Let us know in the comments.