These 15 Facts Prove History Is as Weird as It Is Wonderful

Despite the feelings of students the world over, human history is anything but boring. It’s littered with people, after all – full of quirks, attitudes, beliefs, passions, and all the rest.

Too often, studying history is taken to meant “memorizing crap,” when really, facts like these 15 are the reason we should force kids to learn it to begin with – because what we really need to understand is how we’ve always been more alike that we are different.

15. I doubt my kids would be so keen on that.

Not enough sugar.

14. When you’ve got a good heart, you’ve got a good heart.

And it shows in your art.

13. The destruction is hard to control at a certain point.

Historically speaking.

12. Why would they not?

I bet there was one for ice skating, too.

11. That didn’t save most of them.

And I doubt the appreciated it.

10. This is horribly sad.

It’s the context, not the photo itself.

9. I mean, it’s wrong but…

You kind of get where they’re coming from, right?

8. It’s like something from a Mission: Impossible movie.

Which is appropriate, I guess.

7. Men are all the same.

That’s why we need wine in the first place.

6. I wrinkled my nose at this picture.

Humans are so gross sometimes.

5. I would like to know more about him, please.

Time for a movie or a book – something!

4. Go vote, my friends.

Don’t waste this sacrifice.

3. That is one bizarre image.

I can’t stop staring at it.

2. He had more than a few quirks.

The women were probably not sad.

1. We rarely get Latin right these days.

It’s understandable, I guess, but the Romans would scoff.

Some of these just slay me, even if it’s not the first time I’ve heard them.

What was your favorite fact out of this group? Share with us in the comments!