15 People Share Photos Of Some Really Unfortunate Situations

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We all have those days when nothing seems to go right. Everything we touch just ends up worse than before we attempted to cook/bake/fix/create it, leaving us with the feeling that someone else should just pour us a glass of wine while we sit still on the couch and try not to move.

Well, these 15 people are definitely having one of those days  — or weeks, or months, or years. It happens to the best of us.

#15. “I owned new Tupperware for approximately 26 minutes.”

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#14. “This happened 10 minutes before the home inspector was scheduled to arrive.”

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I’m sure they’ve seen worse?

#13. “Something strange has happened to my tire.”

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TFW you baffle even the most experienced of auto mechanics.

#12. This photo surprises no cat owner ever.

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Whelp, that’s $100 well-spent!

#11. “Guess I won’t be reaping that Norway scenery karma”

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Hope they used miles…

#10. I’m just over here trying to figure out how he laid face-down in a baseball cap.

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Now that’s some talent right there.

#9. ““My father asked me to sort the pennies he’s been collecting for 40 years…”

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Someone keep dad inside for the next…6 hours!

#8. “I missed a part of $667 million lottery by one digit.”

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I think that’s still a winning ticket for a bunch of money though, right?

#7. If there was ever a reason to cry…

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Aw, we’ve all been there, kid.

#6. “Wall collapses at Morton Salt building in Chicago”

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I bet they thought those parking spots were sweet…but they were salty instead.

#5. When you keep telling your husband there’s a noise in the wall, and he finally agrees to call someone about it even though “you’re hearing things.”

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Silent screams forever.

#4. Too bad snakes don’t have to carry liability.

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Sheesh! Do snakes work for insurance companies?!

#3. “This big sinkhole in my yard that just came out of nowhere.”

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You might want to call a priest, just in case.

#2. Who’s a good boy?

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“It’s ME-oh no.”

#1. Super villain in training.

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Here’s hoping you’ve got someone with some compassion nearby next time you find yourself behind the wheel of one of these out-of-control bad luck busses!