These 16 Posts Comparing US Work Culture to Other Countries Is Hilariously Eye-Opening

If you haven’t realized that Americans are one of the only cultures in the world that revel in a work culture that’s 24/7/365, you haven’t been paying attention. Those in the States are expected to be available literally all the time, even on their vacations, which most of them don’t actually take anyway.

Things are different in places like Europe, when people clock out and mean it, and also take extended holidays with their families during which they are literally and functionally out of the office.

If you’re wondering what those differences really look like, these 16 posts should give you a really good idea.

16. I think they enjoy rubbing it in a bit.

No one can really blame them.

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15. No one is going to violate that out of office.

Unless something is literally on fire.

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14. How did we get here?

If anyone has answers, I’m truly curious.

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13. It’s all about time management, my friends.

And also setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

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12. Trust me, there’s no prize.

There’s honestly usually not even more money in the end.

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11. It’s not about working less, or not as hard.

It’s more about working on your terms.

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10. I’m totally stumped.

Maybe she just thought it was something she had to say.

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9. If you’re going to work internationally, you’ll have to compress your schedule.

No one is going to answer your emails in the evenings.

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8. Imagine your government having your back.

What a wonderful world that would be.

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7. Not only do they have five weeks a year…

They actually take five weeks a year and enjoy them, too.

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6. Laws to actually protect employees.

Just sit with that for a moment.

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5. Wouldn’t it be cool to have summer vacay as an adult?

You could actually, like, hang out with your children.

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4. Proof that it works.

Everyone survives quite successfully.

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3. When you put it that way…

It sounds pretty depressing, right?

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2. It seems luxurious to us.

But it’s really quite normal and also healthy for everyone involved.

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1. They fiercely protect vacation time.

And why shouldn’t they?

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Y’all. I think we’re doing it wrong here in America. I’m just saying.

What about you? Do you see anything wrong with the way we’re doing it, or do you think Europeans just need to work harder? Sound off in the comments!