These 7 Super Useful Gifts Might Just Win Your Gift Exchange

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Whether it’s at work, or with friends or even with family… gift exchanges are absolutely competitions. Because if you don’t think people are judging what you’ve brought to the table, well, you’re not playing the game that everybody else is playing.

So without further ado, we present 7 super useful gifts that you absolutely want to check out this gift exchange season.

#1. Bug Bite Thing

Heard of that show Shark Tank? Yeah you have.

Well, there’s one product we’ve seen recently that has had all five sharks fighting over them.

Meet the Bug Bite Thing.

Photo Credit: Bug Bite Thing

It’s a reusable, chemical-free way to alleviate the pain and itching from bug bites and stings in less than 10 minutes.

The way it works is dead simple. It just sucks the irritant or venom out the wound with suction.


And because every single person on the face of this Earth actually has to deal with bug bites, everybody could use a Bug Bite Thing.


Seriously, these “before and after” pics are pretty amazing.

Who would have thought suction could be so effective?

Click here and grab a couple today at their website or click here to pick one up on Amazon!

#2. Pooch Selfie

Do you have a pet? Do you love them with every single inch of their heart? Yeah you do.

And we all know dog people are particularly nuts about their best friends.

So how can you get your furry friend to take those perfect snaps? Easy. Give them something to look at!

That’s where the Pooch Selfie comes in.


Yeah, it can be THAT simple. The Pooch Selfie puts a ball on top of your phone so your pals’ gaze is perfect for pics every single time.

And that’s WITH or WITHOUT you.


So all you folks who love to post doggo pics on Insta… this is an absolute must.

Plus, the Pooch Selfie is only $9.99! Available now on Amazon, so click here and grabs yours.

#3. Oasis Diffuser – Waterproof Aromatizer

Do you like things that smell amazing AND relieve stress? Of course you do.

And the Oasis Diffuser – Waterproof Aromatizer brings all those yummy, soothing essential oils into the shower so your whole body can experience it!

Photo Credit: Oasis Diffuser

It’s a very simple idea.

Fill up the bottles with the essential oils of your choice, turn on the diffuser and take a shower!


And just look at all the benefits essential oils can bring you!


Click here to pick one up today!

#4. Flip-It! Cap – Bottle Emptying Kit

You want to know what’s frustrating? When you’re trying to get that shampoo out of the bottle, and you know there’s a ton left… but it’s just not coming out.

And then you unscrew the pump and start shaking it and PLOP… way too much shampoo.

The struggle is REAL and we all know it. But not with a Flip-it Cap!


This handy lid replacement takes ALL your bottles, turns them upside down and creates a reality where you can grab every last drop of whatever you want.


No more shaking or pounding. You just squeeze it out.

Check out their video to see how it works.

Ahhh, that was satisfying.

Here’s one more reason Flip-It is awesome: the environment. See, when you throw bottles away with product still left in it… they’re not easy to recycle. In fact, they often don’t get recycled at all. If you use a Flip-It, you get all of it out, which means they’re much more likely to get recycled.

So you’re helping make the world get greener. Win win!

Pick one up today at their website.

#5. Solemender

Photo Credit: Solemender

The Solemender helps with aching feet and the problems that you can experience with the pain of plantar fasciitis in a unique, reusable way.

The secret is in the roller.


It’s removable and re-freezable, so when you roll and stretch out your foot, you’re also getting cold treatment to help with healing.

All you runners out there know what I’m talking about. Take a look at how the product works.

Yeah, it’s that simple. Sometimes things don’t need to be complicated. No batteries, and only one moving part.

Photo Credit: Solemender

Another great thing about this is it’s yet another one of those products everybody can use because we ALL get foot pain at least sometime in our lives.

Grab one today at their website.

#6. Spatty

Do you actually want to use ALL the product that you buy? And not use your finger to get it?

Yeah, you need a Spatty.

It’s as simple as it looks. Tiny spatulas help you get into bottles and containers to scoop out the good stuff and save you money.

You can also use some Spatty brushes to apply makeup!


What we’re saying is there’s a Spatty for nearly everything you need to get out of a bottle, container, etc.

Plus, they come in a variety of sizes AND colors.


And just because, here’s a Baby Yoda meme. Why not, right?


You’re welcome. 😉

Grab one or two or seven Spattys today at their website!

#7. Did You Know 2020 Desk Calendar

Do you like to learn ONE new thing a day? Of course you do. And so does everybody else.

That’s why you need a Did You Know 2020 Desk Calendar.

Photo Credit: Did You Know

Because you need to know that you should NEVER drink 70 cups of coffee in a short period of time.

Photo Credit: Did You Know

Also, stay away from ghost peppers. Yikes!

Photo Credit: Did You Know

All this and 363 more amazing facts await!

Click here and grab a Did You Know? 2020 Desk Calendar today!