These Emails Prove That College Professors Are Struggling Right Now

College professors kind of have this image of being calm, unflappable, and – if a bit eccentric – typically not the type to meltdown or make many waves.

This year is throwing everyone for a loop, though, and our lack of communication with others seems to have caused a breakdown in the ability to parse what’s appropriate to share and what’s not for many of us.

And while you might not think that extends to college professors, these emails will definitely change your mind.

10. Fine is the word of the day.

It’s as good as we can do right now.

9. That’s definitely a good reason.

And yeah, I think that probably hurts.

8. It’s as good an excuse as any.

Not that we all need one.

7. Well this is super wholesome.

And sounds like more work.

6. He or she is really trying to hold it together.

I hope it’s going okay.

5. It’s important to keep people updated.

These things are everyone’s business these days.

4. Bless his heart.

Technology is hard.

3. I mean this guy, y’all.

He is just really going through it.

2. And now he has to deal with going viral on the internet on top of the rest.

I hope he’s had a good cry.

1. I would go crawl in a hole.

It’s almost as awkward as liking a crush’s!

I feel kind of bad for laughing, but I’m not sure what the better response would be…

Have you gotten a totally unexpected email from someone who usually has it all together?

Share the details with us in the comments!