How to Win Monopoly, According to the Experts

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As a fan of Monopoly, these little tidbits of advice on how to win got me running to pass go and collect my $200!

The game of cutthroat business was invented in 1906 by American anti-monopolist Lizzie Magie (ironic, the way the game has come to be viewed) and was later licensed by Parker Brothers in 1936. It’s a game of control, winning properties and building hotels to win millions and send your competition into bankruptcy.

Exciting, right?

Maybe not for some. But for those of you who want to learn a little strategy to take down your family champion, keep reading.

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Buy up every property you land on

When you start hopping around the board, you should buy up any properties you land on. This strategy does work. Trust me, I still have bragging rights in my home as the monopoly champion! But you don’t have to take my word for it: here’s what Flynn Zaiger, who is the founder of the Tulane University Board Games Club, confirms.

“From the start of the game, it’s a good idea to buy as much as possible,” Zaiger told Reader’s Digest. “Unlike real life, in Monopoly, it’s rarely good to save. You don’t earn any interest from the money you have, whereas property you purchase will always have a chance to be bringing in dollars.”

The reason for this is to amass as many properties as possible to start building houses – that’s when the money starts rolling in.

Know which properties are the best, and should never be passed up.

Think like how real-life real estate investors think. They buy property in places that will most likely be seen and shopped at by consumers. In Monopoly, it’s the same. Focus on orange properties like New York Avenue and St. James Place and the red ones, such as Kentucky and Indiana Avenue. In fact, all “corner” properties are special.

“Statistically speaking, the most common spaces on the board to land on are those between Jail and Free Parking, and Free Parking [and] Go to Jail,” Zaiger explains. “When given a chance, trade/build on those five monopolies: light blue, pink, orange, red, and yellow.

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Only buy houses. Forget the hotels.

I always liked the aesthetic of the little red buildings. It made me feel like the Queen of Boardwalk. But did you know there are only 32 houses available to play with? And this is intentional.

Dary Merckens, who is the CTO of Gunner Technology and huge fan of the iconic board game says,

“Once those 32 houses run out, nobody can build any more houses on any of their properties. You want to be building houses right away, and if you ever get a monopoly, throw three houses on that sucker as fast as you can. You want to exhaust the supply of houses available.”

OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t know this! You can really put the other players in a pickle by not giving up your houses. According to Zaiger:

“The first player to get a monopoly on the board has the best chance at bankrupting their opponents before they can do the same to you. Building houses is essential to taking down the competition. Even if you don’t have a lot of money remaining, you should do everything you can, including trading and mortgaging, to get up to at least three houses on a property.”

Learning about the right investments while playing is important. Back to Merckens:

“Your primary goal should be to have all the houses on all of your properties, which effectively stops your competitors from building any houses on any of theirs.”

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Other awesome tips

Buy railroads! It’s easy passive income when players land on it. The more railroads you own, the higher the rent. It starts at $25 for one railroad up to $200 if you own all four.

And if you end up in jail at the end of the game? It may not be worth leaving.

“Towards the end of the game, don’t be afraid to hang out in Jail,” Merckens says. “It might be the safest place to be and your competitors might go bankrupt while you’re chilling in prison.”

There you have it!

These secret weapons are the best in your arsenal when playing in any high-stakes game. Get out and win!