These “Fancy” Words Might Make You Sound Pretentious

Photo Credit: Twitter, Ryan Connolly

Do you know someone that insists on using big and flowery words? It doesn’t matter if they’re doing it to sound smart or just because it’s how they talk, it’s still annoying, right? I find that this typically occurs in office settings or networking events…ugh.

Lifehacker recent tweeted:

And the responses are quite entertaining!

13. Feeling so juxtaposed

12. How do you pronounce croissant?

11. Stop with the utilization!

10. What does ‘bespoke’ even mean?

9. Just say “collect”

8. In addition to…

7. Just a perfectionist being perfect

6.  “Let’s leverage that skill.” *eye roll*

5. Any sentence that has this word sounds like a backhanded comment

4. On the contrary…

3. What???

2. Really, Karen?

1. An outdated business term

To be clear, if you have a vast vocabulary, we’re not trying to discourage you from using it. Being knowledgable is totally a good thing.

Just please try to not to come off as pretentious or condescending. The point of communicating is to get your point across. Check the highfalutin language at the door.