The only thing better than cooling off at the pool is drinking wine while you cool off at the pool.

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Now you can do so without having to swim over to the edge to take a sip.

Introducing: floating wine glasses, the solution to all your “drunk at the pool” problems. You can buy them from a few retailers, including Amazon and Aldi.

The Aldi glasses are incredibly cheap. They’re just $2.49 per glass, which is good, because something that is designed to hold your pool wine will probably not remain pristine forever.

They come in three colors, turquoise, white, and clear. They are only available for a limited time, though, so you need to buy them ASAP!

Photo Credit: ALDI

Not near an Aldi? Try Amazon. There’s a set of two for $20.99, and they float in the pool but look just like regular wine glasses. They’re multipurpose!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Looking at the product photo, it seems like pool water will absolutely get into your wine glass if anybody rocks the boat too much, but whatevs.

Here’s another cool set of four that’s much more colorful. These are $44.99 for the full set, or you can buy them individually for $12.95 each.

Photo Credit: Amazon

As a bonus, the wine glasses with the stake can be anchored into the sand if you’re kickin’ it on the beach instead of at the pool.

If you are not the pool type, you can also use these floating wine glasses in the bath, or in a hot tub or jacuzzi.

Btw, you’re welcome! 😉