These Folks Are Having A Tough Time Staying Inside 24/7

©Unsplash,Joshua Rawson-Harris

We’re all living through a major shit show right now, but it’s important to try to stay positive and to make the best of this situation, even though it is very scary and full of uncertainty.

And, remember, it can always be worse. Or A LOT worse. That’s what these photos are all about.

Laugh at these folks’ misfortunes for just a minute and then say a little prayer for them because no one needs any more BS on their plate right now.

1. Couldn’t hold that one in…

And you paid for it dearly.

Try not to sneeze when using an eyelash curler
byu/ydw1988913 inWellthatsucks

2. The splat on the ground is mocking you.

Not a good way to start the day…

Wanted to start my day with a big coffee. The splat even has a face…
byu/supergush inWellthatsucks

3. That looks totally insane.

Have you ever seen anything like that before?

A pipe broke upstairs
byu/thepinkfluffy1211 inWellthatsucks

4. Any takers on this yet?

They’re definitely getting cabin fever up there…

Quarantine is going well in my neighborhood.
byu/furrygreencurry infunny

5. Pretty much the worst thing ever.

Do you think the dog and Roomba conspired to make this happen?

Doggy had an accident. Roomba found it.
byu/saranndwyer inWellthatsucks

6. Picnic’s over, everybody!

And you can go ahead and leave the blanket.

Hiked two hours to set up a picnic, returned to this
byu/Jaminator97 inWellthatsucks

7. And how much will the new stovetop cost?

A major FAIL. Ouch…

Apparently my post isn’t appropriate for r/DIY so I’ll share with y’all. I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees!
byu/zingusdingus inWellthatsucks

8. That’s a major bummer.

I hope you’re cool with entertaining yourself.

Supposed to be my bachelor party today. Now it’s a party for 1. It might feel odd later when i strip for myself…
byu/Dr_Phan_Tastic inWellthatsucks

9. What the hell’s going on in there?

Might need to do a wellness check.

Apparently my extroverted neighbours are not doing well on day 24 of quarantine.
byu/sturgeon467 inWellthatsucks

10. Son of a…

That’s not cool…not cool at all…

Got two identical pieces and the one I need is missing.
byu/bitklavs inWellthatsucks

11. Really bad timing.

Just put it away and enjoy it when this is over.

Spent months creating and printing a card game that requires bodily contact, just in time for my shipment to arrive mid-quarantine.
byu/SoDakZak inWellthatsucks

12. Oh man, that’s awful!

Up in flames.

My house after i went to buy some fruits
byu/EfexSupreme-75 inWellthatsucks

Okay, you have to admit that those were pretty funny…except for the last one…

Now it’s your turn! How are you holding up? What are you doing to pass the time during all of this madness?

Talk to us in the comments! And remember to stay safe out there!