These Funny Tweets Should Really Cheer You Up

Hey, why the long face, friend?

I think I know what’s going on here…

You’re having a rough week and you need some funny tweets to cheer you up!

I’m right, aren’t I?!?!

I knew it!

So go ahead and take a breather from real life and enjoy these tweets that are definitely going to cheer you up.

1. Not today kid…not today.

You can tell that she’s really not messing around here…

2. Adulthood sure can be wild.

And here’s some proof for you!

3. Ouch…I think she’s speaking the truth.

That sure doesn’t sound good for the guys out there!

4. Come on body, just give me all the details!

That can get really annoying, no doubt about it…

5. You should get that money back!

That is definitely not cool…no doubt about it…

6. Yeah, I don’t think it sounds like you’re cut out for it.

Just callin’ it like I see it!

7. You can be her new ghostwriter with this kind of material.

You’re gonna do great in this business!

8. I’m right there with you!

That’s what this season is all about…

9. If this doesn’t sum up parenthood, I don’t know what does…

It’s time to teach this kid a lesson…

10. If only this was real life…

I think I like this a lot better than the reality we live in.

11. Treat yourself!

You deserve it!

12. The kids are back!

And it sounds like they’re doing great!

13. That does not look pleasant.

Good luck to you…

Do you have any funny tweets up your sleeve?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to see them!