These Images Might Make You Laugh And Get You Thinking

Listen, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, I am the last person who will judge the reasons you like to poke around the internet. People come looking for all kinds of things that make them happy – and apparently for some folks, it’s pictures that make them really question what on earth is going on.

Like these 17 pictures, that seem as if they were meant to make you go hmmmm.

17. I don’t even know what to say, here.

Is that water…cold?

Image Credit: Reddit

16. He has found his soulmate.

No one correct him please.

hmmm from hmmm

15. I want to see what happens if you put them on top.

Now you’re thinking about it too, right?

hmmm from hmmm

14. My brain cannot make this compute.

Just…someone make it make sense.

hmmm from hmmm

13. It’s just art, I suppose.

Not meant to be used.

hmmm from hmmm

12. This is super cool.

I could spend a long time looking at all of the details!

hmmm from hmmm

11. I want to pet him so bad.

Also, this is one tolerant cat.

hmmm from hmmm

10. All I can do is laugh.

Mostly because it’s not my food.

hmmm from hmmm

9. Any phone is a portable phone if you try hard enough.

But I’m also super curious as to whether this actually works.

hmmm from hmmm

8. You want it to be a surprise when something hits you in the face.

I don’t know but this doesn’t seem battle-tested.

hmmm from hmmm

7. You can’t have too much protection.

Remember that, kids.

hmmm from hmmm

6. I feel like a magic show is about to start.

Or…something bad is going to happen.

hmmm from hmmm

5. This is just downright hilarious.

It’s all about working together, friends.

hmmm from hmmm

4. There is just something wrong with this picture.

The wide shot actually makes me uncomfortable.

hmmm from hmmm

3. This is just…it’s a lot.

I don’t even know where to look first.

hmmm from hmmm

2. When you want to hear aliens.

Or what your neighbors are talking about, I suppose.

hmmm from hmmm

1. He’s been pinching that booty for a loooonnng while.

Pour me a hot drink, bubba.

hmmm from hmmm

I’ve gotta say, these were more intriguing than I expected them to be.

Which one really got your brain cells firing? Let us know in the comments!