These People All Deserve a Spot in the Pettiness Hall of Fame


I know, I know. We can all be petty sometimes, but these folks are not messing around. Not by a long shot.

Bottom line – don’t mess with these people…or else you’ll find yourself in a world of hurt.

1. I think those are printed off text messages….uh oh.

2. Staring daggers right through him.

3. Gonna be a long night.

Pettiness level 100,000,00…… My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed.
byu/bearfoxmousemushroom infunny

4. I had a roommate like this once…

5. A lot of errors here…

6. Aunt Barbara is not welcome.

7. Erased from history.

8. This is incredible.

9. Burrrrnnnnnn.

10. Never leave it on “read.”

11. Queen Petty.

12. That’s permanent, buddy.

13. Sweet, sweet revenge.

Tell us about the pettiest thing you’ve ever done!

We live for this stuff!