These People All Had Very Awkward Encounters That They Won’t Soon Forget

What did we do before the Internet and social media to enjoy the humiliation of others?

I mean, I guess we could just sit on a park bench and wait for someone to trip and fall or we could try to eavesdrop on conversations that looked like they were about to take a turn for worse, but it was pretty tough going back then…

That’s why we should all rejoice that we have so much embarrassment and awkwardness at our fingertips these days.

Modern technology, we salute you!

Let’s take a look at some awkward encounters that people shared on Twitter.

1. I need help!

I’d like to know how this story ended.

2. I need to hug you.

Oh…that’s what you were doing…sorry…

3. You were NOT being waved at.

Hahahaha. This is pretty bad.

4. I need to be held. NOW.

That’s not good. Especially on a Monday.

5. Beware of the soup.

Wait! That’s not what I meant!

6. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Don’t beat yourself up about it!

7. The old switcheroo really got you this time.

Be more careful in the future!

8. Do you have bags that big?

If so, yes, I’ll need a bag.

9. Not gonna enjoy my night.

No way, no how.

10. That is AWKWARD.

Got brought down to Earth pretty quick, huh?

What else can you really do except offer your condolences to these folks?

And now we’re gonna move on to you. Yeah, you!

In the comments, share some funny and awkward stories with us from your life.

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