These People Had No Choice but to Adopt Their Dog’s “Twin” After Meeting Him on the Street

Image Credit: Instagram

Every dog owner knows that our pooches are often better at being human than, well, humans. So if they see another pup on the street who looks exactly like them, it’s only natural for them to head over for a sniff— er, an introduction, right?

Photo Credit: Instagram

That was Rogue’s notion when he glimpsed another dog that seemed to be his mirror image at a local famers market. He and his owner were out for a walk when they happened past him sitting among Last Hope K9 Rescue’s adoption offerings for the day.

Beast, who’s also a cairn terrier mix just like Rogue, was waiting patiently for his forever family. Who would’ve guessed that Beast’s doppelgänger would be part of that family?

Bethany, Rogue’s owner, wasn’t really in the market for another pet, even though her boyfriend had been open to the idea for awhile. She thought they had plenty to deal with between Rogue and their two aging cats. However, once she saw Beast and how intrigued her own dog was with him, she couldn’t resist.

Photo Credit: Instagram

She filled out the paperwork right then and there and took pictures of the dogs happily playing together. They took Beast home, and, after a short adjustment period, the dogs are best buddies. And the cats are, you know, dealing with it.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The family lives in Hawaii, where the dogs enjoy long walks on the beach, prancing in the ocean, and are considering learning how to surf on boogie boards.

Like every good happy ending, theirs is most deserving of gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets and a lifetime of playing in the waves.