These Sobering Statistics Compare Minimum Wage in 2010 to 2020 to Show It Has Actually Decreased

Image Credit: Pixabay

You’re probably hearing plenty of talk about minimum wage, wage gaps, and the like as political campaigns ramp up for the next presidential election cycle, but if you’ve been tuning out the noise, you probably aren’t aware how bad things really are for the lowest earners among us.

When one Twitter user posted about the difference 10 years can make living on minimum wage, though, people came out of the woodwork with even more statistics.

And yeah…none of them were uplifting, to say the least.

It began with the fact that, since the minimum wage in 2010 was $7.25, and it was $7.25 in 2020, the rate we pay minimum wage workers has actually decreased, once you take inflation into consideration.

People piled on with inflation statistics, how other countries approach minimum wage work, and how billionaires are making out in all of this.

Hint: none of it is good news for us regular folk.

Yeah. We’re basically going to be working until we die.

And we won’t get to buy any fun stuff, really, either.

Jeff Bezos, though, is enjoying how much we all really love to shop on Amazon.

I think I need to reorder my life, guys – new year, new us? Let’s give it a shot!

But hey, those are my thoughts. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!