15 Photos of Students Who Have Totally Awesome Teachers

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I had a lot of teachers I didn’t necessarily like when I was growing up, but the really, really awesome ones definitely made up for it.

And these students have some real gems right here. These teachers all seem pretty great.

Let’s just hope the students appreciate them!

1. I like their style.

You could also say #hero… but let’s got with #insane for now.

History professor teaches about the first man in space. from funny

2. Don’t be stupid.

I mean… easy for them to say. Do you really know when you’re… oh… wait…

A little wisdom from my Physics professor from funny

3. He’s a true wizard.

And, frankly, I think every single professor should be forced to do this from now on.

Our professor wears his hat and cape every time he conducts an experiment from funny

4. This is pretty cool.

Do you see that these are boxes? Amazing!

George Fox University’s iMac Box Wheel

5. You better be quiet.

Or you’re gonna get it ruined for EVERYBODY!!!

Genius teacher from funny

6. We have a winner!

I love that! Achievement unlocked!

My professor gave me a present today.. from funny

7. One of the good ones.

I love that this person is so happy. Makes me happy!

“My face physically hurts from smiling so much today, I love teaching you guys” -my professor, who’s such a good soul from MadeMeSmile

8. This guy is awesome.

I want to be him when I grow up.

9. Follow the face.

At least it’s a friendly face!

My teacher raises a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during the fire drill. from mildlyinteresting

10. Better have a good argument.

Oh, this meme again! He’s not wrong, though…

11. Please act accordingly.

In other words… don’t be a doofus.

Spotted in the window of a biology professor office at a community college. from funny

12. Algebra is cool, bro!

This guy gets it!

The coolest math teacher in town from pics

13. “It’s in the syllabus!”

If I were a teacher, I’d wear so many t-shirts with passive aggressive message. It would be my hobby. And then I’d sell them. To the students.

Frustrated with the same old questions, my profeesor ripped off his shirt in the middle of lecture from funny

14. Just go with it.

Nothing to see here…

Let’s give it up for all the teachers out there!

They do their best every single day and put up with a ton of BS from kids and parents. Bravo!