They Called Out a Classmate for Releasing Goldfish Into the Ocean. Did They Go Too Far?

Do goldfish belong in the ocean?

I…don’t think so.

But what do I know?!?!

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AITA? My classmate “saved goldfish” by releasing them into the ocean, I called her a dumba**.

“My classmate recently made a TikTok and she showed a group of people at lunch time it.

They were next to our table so I overheard the girl say “hey look at my tiktok I made come check it out” and in it she explains how she “rescued” goldfish from the pet store and released them into the ocean so they can live free.

I was horrified upon hearing this, I love fish and have several aquariums so I’m fairly knowledgeable on them.

I walk over and I ask her to show me the video and I face palmed, she asked me why and I said “you realize you’re actually a dumba** right, this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen” her friend says “well that’s just rude, why would you say that, because she cares?” to which I had to explain that goldfish are freshwater fish, they can’t survive the ocean because its saltwater so all of those goldfish were d**d in minutes.

They basically choked to d**th as salt filled up their gills. Lastly, you never release animals into the wild. There are goldfish that are destroying our rivers and lakes because of dumba**es like her.

They say that I’m a bully and walk away. I later get called into the principal’s office who told me I was expected to apologize, and I said no, I stand by what I said. F**k ignorant people who destroy the environment. My parents were called over and I got sent home and my parents are pi**ed I refused to apologize. I might get suspended.”

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Another individual agreed and said she’s probably willing to do anything to try to be popular.

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