They Taught Their Niece a Spanish Saying That Annoys Her Family. Are They Wrong?

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AITA for teaching my (20M) niece (4F) to say “el chupacabra”when her mom (32F) says “you know what really gets my goat?”

“My sister has a habit of saying “you know what really gets my goat”, she probably says it 7/8 times a day.

So like that tumblr post i taught my niece to say “el chupacabra” when her mom says it (it sounds more like “eh supacaba” tho cause she’s four but its adorable).

I told my niece it was a monster from Mexico that eats goats and she didn’t seem scared or anything, probably cause the only monster she knows is cookie monster, but apparently now my niece walks around the house saying “el chupacabra!” all day and now my sister & brother in law are mad at me for teaching her this.

But imo its kind of adorable and also harmless?? But like she’s my sisters kid so idk.”

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