Things Millennials Grew up with That Today’s Kids Have No Idea About

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Now it’s time for some Millennials to feel old for once. Because these young kids today have NO CLUE about the technology that Millennials grew up with.

To them, the gadgets look like alien objects sent from another planet in a galaxy far away. Or something like that.

Enjoy these tweets and just remember. WE’RE ALL GETTING OLD.

1. A record player?


2. All the way back during the Civil War…

3. What is this foreign object?

4. Hmmmmm.


5. That makes me sad.

6. Wow. That is kind of insane.

7. Could be used for many things…

8. Did you make up something cool?

9. Fix it!

10. Close, but no cigar.

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11. How did this activity work?

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12. A forgotten relic.

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13. He never forgave her…

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Back in my day…

Man, that makes me sound really old…