What would you do if you won $100,000? Here’s one option: spend it all in one night at the most expensive hotel room in the United States.

Let me repeat: one night at the Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas will set you back $100,000. The suite sits two stories high at the top of the Palms, with 9000 square feet of space inside. Amenities include a salt relaxation room (what is that?), a home gym, and an infinity-style Jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

Photo Credit: Palms Resort

Also, the suite comes with a 24-hour butler service, which feels absolutely fair for a $100,000 hotel room.

The suite is reserved for million-dollar poker players at the casino, and it includes $10,000 worth of credit to the Palms resort. Guests have to book the suite for a minimum of two nights.

So what does a $100,000 hotel room look like inside? It was designed by artist Damien Hirst.

Photo Credit: Palms Resort

The space is filled with his daring works of art. There is a 13-seat curved bar filled with medical waste, for example, plus a sculpture with two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde. Damien’s signature butterflies are above the California king bed.

Photo Credit: Palms Resort

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Ecco l'Empathy Suite, la suite più costosa al mondo! Quando pensiamo a Las Vegas, le prime cose che ci vengono in mente sono i casinò e lo sfarzo. Non è un caso, quindi, che la suite più costosa al mondo, ben 100.000 dollari a notte – 90.000 euro circa – si trovi proprio qui. L'Empathy Suite è in realtà una villa su due piani del prestigioso Palms Casino Resort, recentemente rimodernato. Nella suite, grande ben 800 metri quadrati, si possono trovare un bar, un teatro, due aree relax, una sala da pranzo con tavolo da 8 persone, un bagno spaziosissimo e un terrazzo con piscina. Il periodo minimo di soggiorno richiesto nella suite è di 2 notti. #empathysuite #lasvegas #nevada #palmscasino #suitepiucostosa #vacanzacostosa #suitepiucostosaalmondo #usa #itineraritouroperator #espertideglistatiuniti #viaggiodinozze #viaggioneglistatiuniti #iloveusa

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One of the perks? $10,000 in resort credit.

Before the Palms unveiled this suite, the most expensive hotel room in the US was at The Mark hotel for $75,000 a night.

Pft – $75k? Lame.