This 51,300-Piece Puzzle Is Made for True Puzzle Masters

Photo Credit: Pexels

If you’re bored and looking for your next big challenge, we’ve got quite the doozy for you: a 51,300-piece jigsaw puzzle.

What, you aren’t scared are you?

This puzzle is huge — we’re talking gigantic — and spans 28.5 by 6.25 feet when it’s completed. Heck, I’m not even sure I’ve got a space in my house big enough for that kind of size.

Photo Credit: Amazon

The puzzle, made by Kodak, shows the 27 wonders of the world. It claims to be the world’s largest puzzle and, honestly, we’d believe it.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what the product description says:

AND YES it really has 51,300 pieces and is 28.5 FOOT by 6.25 Foot.

This is a must-have for the puzzle lover in your life. 2000-piece puzzles got nothing on us!

The puzzle is actually made up of 27 smaller puzzles, which are no easy feat themselves — each one has a whopping 1,900 pieces.

These smaller puzzles can be linked together to create the giant mega puzzle.

I mean…. look at this thing!

Photo Credit: Amazon

As you might imagine, there aren’t a ton of people who have attempted this puzzle.

And one happy customer wrote a pretty funny review:

Bought it and have spent the last 6 months consistently working on this puzzle, have not left the room until just now.

I wore diapers and hired professionals to squeeze water bottles into my mouth for hydration, I lost three of my friends in the process, due to severe dehydration and exhaustion.

But luckily I have a 300’ puzzle in my living room, however I now longer have any friends to admire it with, due to my hibernation-like lifestyle!

Would you ever try a puzzle like this? What’s the most difficult jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever attempted?

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