Adorable Couple Has Competed in ‘Mario Kart’ Religiously Since 2001

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Now this is love. If you can play a competitive video game against the same person all the time and still be in a relationship with them, well, you have something figured out.

A Reddit user shared a photo of their parents playing Mario Kart and explained that the couple has played “religiously” since 2001.

And the stakes are high for the person who loses.

Photo Credit: Reddit

That’s right, the person who loses the game has to make their partner a cup of tea.

And here they are in almost the same position in 2014.

Photo Credit: Imgur

The Redditor said their father likes to use the Toad character and her mom prefers Wario and Yoshi. The couple usually plays a Grand Prix and then a best of three competition to see who’s in charge of brewing the tea that day.

The Nintendo 64 was actually given to the Redditor as a Christmas gift all the way back in 1999, but, by the looks of it, the parents have clearly taken the console over.

The Redditor said, “I’ll be honest, although I’d moved out years ago, from what I’ve seen it’s fairly even. They both know all the tricks, to the point where a few years back they had to agree not to use shortcuts or cheats as they would bicker.”

Relationship goals, am I right?