There are as many ideas about what makes a “dream home” as there are people in the world, probably. Beach houses, lake houses, white picket fences, old houses, new houses – you name it, somebody dreams every day about getting to live in it.

I’m not sure I’ve heard of people dreaming about living in shipping containers, but apparently that’s a thing – and I am definitely not here to judge.

Especially not after seeing this particular project, which used 12 shipping containers and turned into an absolutely stunning place to call home.

The home has been listed already on TradeMe, and this is some of what the listing says:

Image Credit: TradeMe

The listing starts:

“Elevated with grandeur, on top of the north facing site of 6,221 square metres, the main home incorporates twelve shipping containers as part of its detailed construction and really does have an attractive commanding presence.”

The scenery, since the house is situated in the Waikato region of New Zealand, doesn’t hurt either.

Image Credit: TradeMe

It’s pretty hard to believe the entire thing started like this, isn’t it?

Image Credit: TradeMe

The main house (aside from the small cottage and garage also on the property is built from 12 shipping containers, which each cost anywhere from $3,000-$10,000.

Image Credit: TradeMe

Unsurprisingly, the home’s design tends toward “industrial.”

Image Credit: TradeMe

The listing talks about the design some more:

“Designed with an industrial scale and theme, the open plan living areas feature a high atrium that houses a significant and prominent staircase interlinking the second-storied living spaces.

Natural light is prevalent throughout the dwelling that features individual living zones, up to six bedrooms, three toilets, three bathrooms, and polished concrete floors to complete the industrial theme.”

Ahhh… I love natural light.

Image Credit: TradeMe

The inside space is stunning, don’t you think?

Image Credit: TradeMe

Those stairs are killing me.

Image Credit: TradeMe

It’s plenty big, too, with the listing claiming at least 6 bedrooms.

Image Credit: TradeMe

The listing continues:

“Clever design elements through this space provide a view corridor all the way through the ground floor to the neighbouring lake area contributing to the spatial grandeur.

Intricate bespoke lighting, quality bathroom tiling and a wood burning fire are just a small fraction of the form and content on offer that only can be appreciated by viewing.”

Yes, we would like to view this up close.

Maybe my editors can send me?


Image Credit: TradeMe

There are also 6 bathrooms.

Image Credit: TradeMe

I don’t know about you, but I would love to live in shipping containers if they looked like this. Wow!

Are you surprised? What’s your favorite part? Let’s ooh and ahh together in the comments!