This Artist Creates Tiny Life-Like Animals From Felt

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Artist Anna Romanova has fans and followers all over the world, thanks to the completely and utterly adorable felt animals she makes.

Romanova, who lives in Russia, initially started making the realistic felt animals as a hobby and gave a few away to friends and family. But as soon as the world got wind of her craft, people immediately fell in love with her tiny creations.

One of the things that makes Romanova’s work so popular is the totally realistic detail she’s able to create using felt:


In fact, they look like they could start moving at any moment:


I mean seriously how cute is this panda?


And this sad pug?!


I just can’t even with this dog:


She even expertly creates mythical creatures, like this unicorn:


And some well-known figures from pop culture:


She even manages to make pests look cute:


I’m sorry but just squee at this one for a minute:


Romanova does take orders, so if you find yourself swooning over her creations, there’s a chance you can make one of them your own. And really, what could be cooler than one of those precious little babies? Seriously the cutest ever!

But how will you ever decide between the dozens of cute animals she makes? And then there’s Baby Yoda! Oh, I’m sorry… “The Child.”
It’s seriously so hard to decide!

Do you collect any figurines or trinkets? What got you interested in your collection objects in the first place?

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