Women are warriors, both in the actual and metaphorical senses of the word. All of us, even if we don’t look like Gal Gadot or Xena or Charlize Theron most days – which is exactly what illustrator Yael Nathan wants to show with her new series.

Big, small, old, young, we can all make a difference – just like the women in these 15 photos.

15. Just wear your backpack, little dog.

She’s carrying that big sword!

14. And with a daemon no less.

I’m a big fan.

13. This is pretty much a flawless drawing.

The woman, the cat looking at the audience. *chef’s kiss*

12. The hair and the fierce expression.

Like wine and cheese, my friends.

11. If only my arms looked like that.

The juxtaposition of her holding a bunny is amazing.

10. Women supporting women.

Now and forever. Grab the sword.

9. You know this woman.

And chances are you’re already afraid of her.

8. When your dog is fancier than you.

But you can both kick a$$ if need be.

7. You definitely want this lady on your side.

She’s got quite a story to tell.

6. The expression on her face is important.

I love how there’s someone out there who loves seeing themselves in a picture.

5. The silent worries she carries.

I wish I could know her tale.

4. A woman with a crow is one to be feared.

They are wicked smart.

3. Happy AND fierce.

Just like her duck.

2. I love this older lady.

She’s definitely got the wisdom.

1. She’s polite, but she does what needs doing.

Like every woman everywhere. Except for the polite bit.

I’m feeling empowered and excited, how about you?

Which of these is most like you? Representation matters!