This Aunt’s Seatbelt Rules Caused Her Nephews To Miss A Flight – And Her Brother Says It’s Her Fault

Most of us have pretty strict seatbelt rules for ourselves, and those extend to other people who we’re driving around in our cars. It just makes sense to wear one, it’s the law in most places, and you know, we don’t want to be responsible for people dying if we can help it.

This aunt promised to drive her nephews to the airport, but when they got into the car to leave, they refused to wear their seatbelts.

My brother is working and he asked me to take his nephews, 13 and 15 year olds to the airport to fly to their grandparents. I picked them up and I drive off, I then got the annoying car notification telling me their seatbelts aren’t on.

I told them to put the seatbelts on and they refused.

They’re being brats, so the aunt puts her foot down and says she’s not driving until they comply – if they want to miss their flight, that’s on them.

I told them I don’t care, it’s like a 500 dollar fine to drive a minor without a seat belt on or something in California.

They kept being spoiled brats saying they don’t need to and dad let’s then not wear seatbelts. I said I don’t care, I won’t drive until they wear their seatbelt.

They kept whining they’re going to miss the flight, I said that’s their problem.

When they got their dad involved he told them to stop being annoying and just buckle up, which they did eventually (it was an hour later).

With the delay and traffic, they ended up missing the flight and now her brother is angry and she’s wondering if somehow she was wrong after all.

They called their dad who starts yelling at them telling them to wear it.

They do eventually so we drive but we get stuck in traffic and miss the flight.

My brother is f**king p**sed saying it’s my fault for just not driving them.

We waited about an hour before they decided to put their belt on.

I think we can safely guess what Reddit is going to say, but let’s check out their responses anyway!

The bottom line is that those kids were old enough to know better, and they’re old enough to take responsibility for the consequences, too.

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Most commenters thought she was far more patient than she even needed to be with their nonsense.

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This seems to be a fairly common theme among sane people.

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You’ve gotta set and keep your boundaries.

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Yeah, you definitely don’t want to be this person.

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I mean, no way this lady was wrong and if her brother doesn’t care if his kids ride on the highway without seatbelts, I’m seriously thinking he’s not a very fit parent.

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