This Colorful Chart Shows the Most Popular Book Set in Every State

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You’re probably already in the habit of asking your friends what they’re reading these days, as a way of gaining some new book recommendations for yourself.

But have you ever considered picking your new book based on where the plot is set? If you pick a book that’s set in your hometown or your home state, you might recognize some of the landmarks and descriptions, which makes reading it all the more fun.

The folks over at NetCredit, a personal loan provider, created this handy chart that shows the most popular book set in every state:

Photo Credit: NetCredit

As you might expect, the books range wildly. From Stephen King’s thriller “The Shining” in Colorado to Kathryn Stockett’s best-seller “The Help” in Mississippi, there’s a little bit of everything on this chart.

The chart is part of a broader analysis of the most popular quote from the best book set in every state.

Some of them are pretty classic, like this quote from “Of Mice and Men.”

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Or this quote from “The Wizard of Oz.”

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You might remember this one from high school English class:

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And this one if you loved “Little Women.”

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To make these cool graphics, the team at NetCredit scoured the internet for popular books set in every state. Then they headed over to Goodreads to look at the reviews and ratings of each book to determine the “best” in every state. Once they had their book for each state, they looked at which quotes had been highlighted most frequently by Kindle readers.

Pretty clever, huh?

Which book would you have guessed would be the most popular one set in your state? Did the actually answer surprise you? Why or why not?

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