Landlord doesn’t allow pets? How about a LEGO-like version of one?

The Hong Kong-based company JEKCA makes toy bricks similar to LEGOs — “building blocks for kidults.” They sell life-size brick sculptures of various pets, including hundreds of dogs, cats and other animals.

Each sculpture is about one foot tall and is made of over 1200 bricks. They come with instructions to assemble them yourself, and you can take them apart and reassemble them.

They come in all types of different breeds, colors and positions, from sitting to pouncing.


Or you could just keep one in your house as an avant-garde sculpture.

They’re secured by screws, so the completed project won’t fall apart easily.

If you already have a pet, this is one way to pay homage to them. It’s several levels above a regular old pet portrait! As long as your pet looks like one of the breeds available on JEKCA’s website, the sculpture will be a match.

There’s also a huge range of available breeds, including Yorkshire Terriers, German shepherds, Corgis, Beagles, Poodles, orange tabby cats, Persian, black cats, or Siamese — along with SO many other breeds. Many breeds also come in multiple colors.

There are even other types of pets, like parrots, fish, turtles, horses, and hamsters.

The cats, dogs, hamsters, and other smaller pets come in life-size versions. The bigger animals do not.

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