This Dad Accidentally Bought A Life-Sized Dinosaur For His Young Son

Image Credit: Facebook

Many kids go through a phase where they just love anything to do with dinosaurs. Some never give it up (ahem, my husband), and the books we buy perpetuate the fascination, which is amazing and awesome. Learning is great!

Brit André Bisson wanted to encourage and nurture his son Theo’s love of all things dinosaur, so he decided to buy him a model of his favorite dino, the Carnotaurus. Being a good father, André and his wife began to research where one could go about procuring a replica of the 70-million-year-old dino, a predator similar to the T-rex, but with shorter arms and “bull” horns (hence the name).

After some trouble locating one, his wife saw an advertisement for a nearby amusement park letting go of one of their decorative statues – an elusive Carnotaurus.

André ordered a surprise gift for his little guy – and got quite the shock of his own when it arrived.

They weren’t expecting a toy, of course, but the 6.5 by 2.5 meter, 2-ton dinosaur statue far exceeded what any of them had imagined.

It’s actually life-sized, and weighs almost as much as a real one, too – it had be delivered using a trailer and a crane, and still barely fit.

“Chaz” the Carnotaur (named by Theo) is much loved and lives in the family’s garden.

I think he makes quite the nice addition, don’t you?

This is hilarious and also, I love that the parents just went with it once the realized what, exactly, they had ordered off the internet.

What would you have done? Do you have a similar story of exceeded (?) expectations?

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