Mother Is Reluctant to Vaccinate Her Baby, Doctor Responds With 6 Bullet Points Of Facts

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You’d be hard pressed to find a more controversial debate out there today than the vaccination debate. Even though actual science has disproved any connection between vaccines and autism (or any other serious illness), many people still believe that the government is out to get their kids in exchange for money, or that there are ingredients in vaccines that are secretly harmful to the children they’re supposed to protect.

Doctors are growing more and more frustrated with anti-vaccine patients or, worse, anti-vaccine parents who dismiss their years of training and refuse to get their kids vaccinated because some know-nothing famous person has some bad ideas and a social media following. So when this doctor found himself face-to-face with a mom reluctant to vaccinate her baby, he had the perfect response ready to go.

It was retold in am Askreddit response, so you’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth (per se). It is bulleted and beautiful.

Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit

I’m going to save this to whip out the next time someone comes across my timeline with the Jenny McCarthy argument. Or any argument against saving kids and the immunosuppressed from deadly but preventable illnesses.

Oh last thing: this is a really good point. Don’t do this, people.

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The end.