You know how most parents try to make their kids seem so perfect on social media? They try to portray their sons and daughters as gorgeous little angels who never do any wrong?

Simon Hooper is not that parent. Not by a long shot. Hooper has racked up nearly one million Instagram followers by hilariously documenting the ups and downs of raising four daughters. In other words, he’s documenting reality instead of staging everything.

Hooper said when he and his wife had their first child he was a “24-year-old man-child with no idea of what being a dad involved.”

Take a look at some of Hooper’s Instagram pics and see if these look familiar.

1. Don’t worry…

2. Put that anywhere

3. Lethargic

4. Having fun?

5. Time to party

6. Hide and seek

7. Can I help you?

8. The gang’s all here

9. Dad is hungover

10. Yuck!

11. Lazy days

12. Breakfast is served

13. Human pillow

14. Rub a dub dub

15. Awwwww

Keep up the good work, all you parents out there!