This Father of 4 Daughters Refuses to Sugarcoat His Instagram Pics and He Has Gained a Huge Following


You know how most parents try to make their kids seem so perfect on social media? They try to portray their sons and daughters as gorgeous little angels who never do any wrong?

Simon Hooper is not that parent. Not by a long shot. Hooper has racked up nearly one million Instagram followers by hilariously documenting the ups and downs of raising four daughters. In other words, he’s documenting reality instead of staging everything.

Hooper said when he and his wife had their first child he was a “24-year-old man-child with no idea of what being a dad involved.”

Take a look at some of Hooper’s Instagram pics and see if these look familiar.

1. Don’t worry…

2. Put that anywhere

3. Lethargic

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There are times that my children are so unresponse to my commands that particularly lethargic sloths would call them slow. It's at these moments (usually when we're trying to nail a mudane activity like getting dressed or going to bed) I find myself concocting a one off game to stir them from their dormant state (like this double horsey ride I do to the sound of black beauty every freaking morning to get the twins somewhere near clothes), only to find i executed it so well that I immediately regret it as I know this will now become ingrained in my repertoire & demanded of me again & again. I just hope I don't I end up like a comedian who had one joke they were famous for & dined out on for a while, but then were forced to repeat said joke from the rest of their miserable lives until the day they were found crying in their dressing room repeating over and over again "I am more than a single punch line!" What have you started but now can't stop for fear destroying the routine? #doitagaindaddy #morethanaonetrickpony #ididittoowell #anythingtogetthemmoving #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod #twinlife #twins

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4. Having fun?

5. Time to party

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Birthdays parties are one of few times in your life can legitimately make it all about you without feeling guilty. To shamelessly get your way and to soak up the attention showered up on you from all directions – perfect both for 3 year old and 36 year olds who haven't grown up yet (i.e. me). But what happens if you to share that day with someone who's a mirror image of you and loves nothing more than following you around like a shadow in a heatwave? The answer – a competition to take centre stage – the eventual winner (Ottilie) then led a dance to a seemingly never ending loop of baby shark while the loser (Delilah) clinged me in the kitchen as I make crustless ham sandwiches Picture 3 tells the whole story in one shot! I guess twin like can be hard sometimes. Fyi @mother_of_daughters will kill me for this picture because of "all the chins" but she looks great and I rarely get all my girls in one shot, so suck it up Clemmie, you're beautiful from all angles. Photos by @rebeccadouglasphotography and me! #itsmypartyandillcryifiwanto #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #howdidtheyjustturn3 #instadad #fod #party

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6. Hide and seek

7. Can I help you?

8. The gang’s all here

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Autumn is the time of the year that Mother Nature really pulls out all the stops and puts on a display that humans can only dream of rivalling, but to experience it in all it's technicolor goodness, we have to overcome the gravitational pull of the screens. That's why we've decided to get out of the house at every opportunity over the last couple of weekends to remind our girls that if you want high resolution images of nature that aren't a screensaver, you need to go explore. We got family membership to the @woodlandtrust who helped us find some fantastic local woodlands and, despite arguments in the car, when we arrived and issued them with their Nature Detective packs (see stories), we were privileged enough to see a transformation that rivals the changing of the autumnal leaves – Our children remembered how to be children again. Climbing trees, looking for bugs, kicking leaves, splashing in puddles and making masterpieces – they basically ticked off the whole 'how to spot a child' check list! Forget Neverland, just go to the woods! get membership before December 12th to get your kids packs before Christmas #ad #ifyougodowntothewoodstoday #rememberinghowtobeachild #treegazing #allmygirls #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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9. Dad is hungover

10. Yuck!

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As a guy, no one warns you that when you have daughters, you're going to spend a good proportion of your future dealing with hair related issues. Growing up, the most my parents had to deal with was when I dumped an entire bottle of peroxide in my hair, turning it thr colour of the rising sun & burning my scalp like forgotten bacon in the process. But when you combine the facts that we have more hair in our house than a cousin IT convention, and that our girls have follicles with have no grip, you end up living with clogged drains, balls of hair placed around the house, nit epidemics, meals with a side helping of hair, endless brushing & plaiting (usually accompanied by screaming), hair brushes that are more hair than brush, vaccum cleaners that no longer work thanks to being bound with wads of the stuff and so many hair products that I'm now close to being forced to keep my sad little collection of out of date toiletries in a bag that hangs out the window. I'm strongly considering just shaving their heads in their sleep but realise they just end up looking like a bunch of juvenile offenders. #Haireverywhere #shavethekids #challengesofbeingsurroundedbywomen #hairalldaylong #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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11. Lazy days

12. Breakfast is served

13. Human pillow

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I seriously believe that all parents suffer from some form of mild Stockholm syndrome. Depsite being oppressed & forced to work a servant to our pint sized captures, like a free buffet lunch, we always come back for more. This is especially true when I go away for work. The first day I embrace my freedom & revel in that rarest of commodities – silence. But within 48 hours I strangely miss being yelled at & forced to clear up other people's poo and start to really pine for home. In my mind I would return to 4 perfect children who would greet me with open arms & proclaim their lives were incomplete in my absense. The reality was 50% of my girls acknowledged my return & within 5 minutes my tired jet lagged body had been transformed into fleshy climbing apparatus while i listened to a list of things that broke while I was away & now needed fixing. I don't think Anya even knows I went away as she's now permanently hard wired into Fortnite! I sure they missed me but it still amazes me how quickly normality is resumed! #institutionalised #parentingstockholmsyndrome #givemeachance #likeineverleft #jetlag #Fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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14. Rub a dub dub

15. Awwwww

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I may have a Y chromosome where women have an X but that microscopic piece of biology should be the only thing that differentiates us as we all travel on this journey through life. As a Father of 4 daughters, I don't want my girls horizons to be limited to what people tell them they can do, so I embrace my responsibility as a parent to support and encourage my girls to be what they want to be, to celebrate & further the accomplishments of those trail blazers that have gone before them like Emmeline Pankhurst, Ella Fitzgerald, Coco Channel, Marie Curie & Henrietta Swan Leavitt who, with a team of all female astronomers, catalogued the stars in the night sky when men told them they couldn't. Our children will be the ones who will break glass ceilings, forge new paths & make the discoveries that takes the human race to places we can only dream of today, so my message to my girls is to GO BIG, GO HARD & do what they said you can't do in whatever field you choose –  be the boss of your own destiny. Celebrate a strong boss woman & tag them below #IWD2018 #mygirlsarethefuture #whorunstheworldgirls #dowhatyoucant ##fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad photo by @philippajames

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Keep up the good work, all you parents out there!