This Father Recreating His Daughter’s Honeymoon Photos Is the Most Dad Thing We’ve Seen All Week

Photo Credit: Twitter

There’s no arguing that dads do some pretty hilarious things on the regular. They often manage to hit that sweet spot between puns, actual humor, and a lack of any sense of shame that somehow wins everyone over. I mean, that’s practically the definition of a classic dad joke. And if there were an award for dad joke of the week, 51-year-old Tracy Fritz would win it.

When his daughter, Natasha Stroup, went on her honeymoon in Hawaii, she shared photos in a group text with her family back home — a nice gesture, especially while in paradise.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Her father figured that if Natasha was sharing her honeymoon experiences, perhaps she’d enjoy seeing some of the goings on back in South Dakota, too.

“She was showing the scenery around her,” he told Buzzfeed, “I just though I’d show her the scenery around me.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

Life on the farm isn’t as exotic as a Hawaiian beach, but hey, a sharing family is a caring family, right?

Natasha’s younger sister Kylie thought the world should know just how funny their dad is, and she shared the photographs on Twitter, where Fritz has now gone viral.

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“I just thought it was funny,” Kylie said. “I think my dad’s funny. He doesn’t think he is.”

And if 31,000 likes and 2,200 retweets are any indication, Twitter agrees with the daughter.

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For her part, our blushing new bride isn’t surprised by her father’s newfound fame. She and her husband had a good laugh over the images when they first came in, and she knew that the internet would be just as appreciative (if not more so) of a good, smart-ass joke.

photo Credit: Twitter

As for Fritz, he’s taking all of this with a grain of salt (or, you know, a piece of grain).

“I’m just glad I could make my daughter popular.”

And so it would seem another candidate for Father of the Year has emerged. I’m sure it won’t be long before Twitter discovers the next one, too.