This Gorgeous Off-Road Camper Van Can Take You Literally Anywhere – If You Can Afford It

Photo Credit: EarthRoamer

If you’ve ever doubted your willingness to live on the road, this luxurious camper van might change your mind.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD is one hell of a vehicle, both inside and out.

On the outside, it’s a rugged four-wheel-drive camper built on a Ford F-750 chassis. At first glance, it looks like this thing could go anywhere. Off-roading? No problem – with a diesel turbo engine, a solar array, and massive fuel and water tanks (it can hold 250 gallons of freshwater), that’s what this monster machine was built for.


On the inside, the camper contains everything that a small apartment would have: a stovetop, fridge, washer/dryer, huge countertop, and cozy couch. Also, there’s a full-size shower and radiant heat. Radiant heat!

The RV is roomy enough to sleep six people, including a king-size bed and a dining room that can convert to a bedroom.


The XV-HD is custom-made for each buyer’s individual needs, too, so it’s ideal for any family.

Who knew off-road camping could be so glam and comfortable?!


All this luxury comes at a price, though. The XV-HD starts at a whopping $1.7 million.

Million. For a camper.

EarthRoamer also has a line of other luxury expedition vehicles, and some are less expensive than this — but none are cheap, per se. The XV-LTS starts at $438,000, for example.

You can get these vehicles at an even lower price by buying them used, but then you won’t be customizing them yourself.

You may just have to stick to your regular tent camping for now.