This Grandmother Turns Her Daughter’s Wedding Dress into Amazing Gifts for Her Grandbaby

Photo Credit: Facebook, Brenda Wetmore Giffen

Do you still have your wedding dress tucked into your closet? Are you dreaming about making it into a christening dress or suit for your first child? While that may be the normal tradition, perhaps consider something different or unique.

This mom, Brenda Wetmore Giffen, was tasked with just that. Different and inspiring! Her daughter, Robyn approached her to see if she would make a play tent out of her wedding dress for her daughter, Elena.

Giffen didn’t cringe at not being able to make the age-old christening gown. She was thrilled with this unique opportunity to preserve her daughter’s gown.

“My daughter asked me if I could make her wedding dress into a “play tent” for her daughter. I said “maybe?!!” I was honored and surprised that she trusted me enough to do this.”

Not only did she make one heck of a gorgeous tent, but she crafted a few other items as well. The pictures are priceless!

This necklace, tho…

“The fabric for the necklace was the first cut and came from the spot above Robyn’s heart the day she got married.”

The unicorn!

Even matching garters for her grandbabies.

“I made two garters so that each granddaughter will have her own. It’s not very likely that I’ll be there for their weddings, but I hope they will give Grammy Giffen a thought on that day.”

And the tutu. I can’t even!

Giffen didn’t stop there. She created memorable pillows, stuffed bears, and more.

“The other items were my idea. It became a sort of game to see how many things I could make from one dress…lol.”

What a great Grandmother! This was such an enjoyable experience for her and her daughter that she’s turned it into a business. Are you looking to have your dress made into something special? Check out her site for how to order!