This Guy Had Some Words For Gordon Ramsay After Paying $41 for an Airport Burger

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Airport food is a total racket. I mean, everything you buy at an airport costs like, four times as much as it does anywhere else, because they know they’ve got you trapped – and that goes double for the places that are on the other side of security.

You’re hungry? Well, your options are nothing or this $15 tuna sandwich. Make your choice!

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I’ve never eaten at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants personally, but I also figure that if you’re dining at a place with a “name” attached, there’s a good chance those prices are going to be ramped up, too.

This guy, though, might have realized all that – or maybe he didn’t – but either way, he obviously thought $41 for a burger and some fries was way out of line.

Many people who replied sort of shrugged their shoulders, like, what did you expect?

Apparently, a burger in the London area is just a thing that requires you to pay through the teeth, for some reason.

People wanted to know, was the burger good, though? Was it $41 good? I sure hope so!

Seriously, we all need to know (but we’re still waiting on the follow up).

Basically, no one was really on his side. And I mean, once you see these burgers you’ll see why!

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I am literally drooling.

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So, what say you? Was this exorbitant? Expected? Probably worth it?

Give us your take on this giant-but-expensive burger down in the comments!