This Guy Has A Serious Hack For Maximizing Your Paid Time Off

Around the world, people have long taken their time off seriously. In Europe, work-life balance is not a new concept, and employers and workers both make sure to honor the fact that people have lives away from the office.

In America, it’s becoming more and more important, too, as people realize their families deserve more from them than their employers, because the latter isn’t going to waste time replacing you once you’re gone.

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So instead of being proud that they work and work and work and never take a day off, Americans have begun to make sure that they do the opposite, and take every last paid day they’re offered.

Which is where this hack comes in, because it tells you how exactly to get the most bang for your PTO buck.

Specifically, how to get a total of 46 days off of work using 18 days of PTO.

Here’s how:

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And someone shared the meme as a video on TikTok, as well.

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People on TikTok responded to the plan.

One person said,

“Do people not do this? I do this for every holiday.”

Another viewer was surprised about how much time some folks get off and commented,

“Y’all are getting 18 days worth of PTO?”

A TikTokker added,

“A lot of businesses don’t allow their employees to take PTO a day before or after holidays. So this ‘plan’ fails.”

And another person commented,

“I would do this all the time. Make sure to schedule your PTO in advance!!”


#greenscreen #corporatelife #corporatetiktok #pto #paidleave #paidleaveforall #gameofthrones #asongoficeandfire #georgerrmartin #HouseOfTheDragonEp10 #HouseOfTheDragonHBO  #HouseOfDragon #HOTD  #HouseoftheDragon 

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Whether you use this hack or prefer to have more days off more often, make sure you’re balancing work with your other obligations, hobbies, and people.

No one goes to their grave wishing that they’d worked more, after all.