This Hard-Working Employee Totally Put an Entitled Boss in Their Place

Toxic work environments are the absolute worst.

Nothing drains the life out of you like spending 40 hours a week in a suffocatingly negative place. Sometimes, these kinds of workspaces end up siphoning most of the work to one person for very little reward.

Here’s a classic case of a do-it-all employee who got badly burned by their slacker boss, and the aftermath that followed.

It all starts with the same old story: a lazy boss and a capable employee.

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What happens next is not only totally mind-boggling; it’s also just plain unacceptable.

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That’s right. This person actually got assaulted at work, and their crummy boss responded by suggesting that they take on less work… when they’re the one giving the extra work in the first place.

If you think that’s insane, just wait – there’s more.

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Yeah. This sh*tty boss actually kept asking their employee to keep doing more work, even after they suggested themselves that the employee start saying “no” more often.

To top things off, this boss doesn’t even show up when she’s supposed to.

Honestly, it sounds like she just wants and expects everybody else to do her work for her. Luckily, karma kicks in pretty quickly.

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Like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

Reddit commenters had a lot to say about this, and none of it was nice to the boss.

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Oh yes, this boss was dumb.

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Very, very, very dumb!

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It’s a real blessing that this boss actually got what was coming to them.

Now, the right people will be able to get the job done, and they certainly won’t shove off the work to anyone else.

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