All The Different Ways You Can Draw X’s — And What It Means

Photo Credit: Twitter, @cyanpotato

How do you write your “x”? In which corner do you start? Did you know the answers to those questions can tell certain things about your personality?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Oprahmag posted the graphic on Instagram, prompting thousands of people to stop what they were doing, grab pen and paper, and make X’s.

Who knew there were so many different ways to make an “x”?

Brie Schwartz, deputy editor of Oprah Magazine, contacted a handwriting analyst to see what she had to say about the great “X” debate.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kathi McKnight, certified handwriting analyst provided some clarification.

Most people were taught method 8, and most people reported making their X’s with the same method. These X-scribers were more likely to be comfortable with rules and structure and not likely to get out of line (so to speak).

Interestingly, other methods indicated a rebellious or negative streak in a person’s character.

Depending on which way a person strokes the lines could show difficulties in personality. For instance, figure 1 and figure 2, showing upstrokes, could mean an individual has trouble moving on from a problematic past. Figure 3, because of its opposition in direction to the normal figure 8 way, points to a rebellious nature.

Still, a desire to stay with figure 7 or 8 may say the writer resists independent thought and change.

Or it all says nothing! Because there is so much more to handwriting analysis, like pressure, slant, size, and of course the fact that it’s not 100% reliable anyway.

What do you think?