This Insulated Bowl Will Keep Your Ice Cream Cold All Summer Long

Image Credit: Amazon

Personally, I find ice cream the perfect treat no matter what time of year it is, but if you’re someone who especially likes to enjoy a bowl at the height of summer, well…you know that can be hard.

You have to slurp it up super fast, and not really savor and enjoy your ice cream the way you should, because that darn sun is determined to melt it into sweet, fudge-striped milk as soon as possible.

Image Credit: Amazon

If the mere thought of such a tragedy makes you sad, take heart – someone has created an insulated bowl that keeps your ice cream cold for longer.

For $13, HOST’s Ice Cream FREEZE can be yours!

It’s a double-walled plastic bowl insulted with a cooling  gel that will keep what’s inside cool for hours – as long as you have it in the freezer at least four hours before you want to use it.

Image Credit: Amazon

The bowl is made from BPA-free plastic, has a silicone base that’s easy to hold onto, and holds 18 ounces of deliciousness.

So while ice cream is my go-to cold and frozen treat, the truth is that you could use it to serve anything you want kept cold. I think it would work perfectly at a picnic or outdoor gathering! Your fruit, hummus, guacamole, shrimp cocktail, etc, could stay perfectly chilled for the entire party!

Image Credit: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like one of those little, inexpensive things that could really change the way you summer.

Off to buy myself a set of four!