People Share Those First Dates That Did Not Go Accordingly to Plan

So yeah, those first dates can be real doozies, can’t they? All those expectations, like who’s going to pay and will they want a good night kiss?

I think this is probably why Tinder was created, right? Because who has time for all that build up? Why not get right down to it?

Btw, I’ve actually never used Tinder. I think it’s cheap and classless. Sue me.

Here are 11 stories about first dates that were WILD AF, fam!

1. Yeah, that does sound dope.

Oh wait, I meant dopey. It sounds really dopey.

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2. How old was this guy?

Are you sure you’re not a nanny?

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3. Even crazier? He didn’t pay.

Are you sure this was a date? It sounds more like Tinder.

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4. I think this tells you how much he values you.

Not a lot, apparently.

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5. Classiest first date ever.

Sorry. I meant trashiest first date ever.

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6. Actually, that is a perfect Portland date.

Keep Portland weird!

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7. You did the right thing.

He would have killed you for sure.

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8. So wait, was the Uber drive the girl?

I’m so confused by this secret. Make your secrets clearer next time!

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9. Sounds like my typical Wednesday night.

That’s right, I said Wednesday! The weekends are MUCH crazier.

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10. Are you homeless?

Because that sounds like something a homeless person would do.

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11. That’s a sweet memory.

You can always say that you got the wettest you’ve ever been on your first date.

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So how about all of those wild, wacky, weird, wonderful first dates, huh?

Have any stories that really curl your toes that you want to share?

Do it in the comments!