This Is Why Suit Pockets Are Sewn Shut When You First Buy Them


If you’re a dude, I’d bet you’ve been in this situation at one time in your life: you go to buy a new suit and when you try on the jacket and the slacks, you notice the pockets are sewn shut. Why is that?

The reason is actually pretty simple: It’s aesthetic. When people try on suits, they stretch them out, especially when they put their hands in the pockets. The more people that try them, the more dilapidated the suit starts to look.

Photo Credit: Flickr,Amtec Photos

Manufacturers sew the pockets shut to keep the suit looking fresh. They are usually sewn shut with a single thread, so after you buy a suit you can just snip and pull, and you should be good to go.

But remember, some pockets are purely for decoration, so you might end up with a small hole in your jacket or pants if you cut those…so better check before you start cutting away. Now get out there and dress to impress!