This Little Town in Norway Is Home to Way, WAY More Books Than People


Now this sounds like my kind of town. I don’t speak Norwegian, but I can learn. We all can, right? According to Travel + Leisure, Mundal, a little town in Norway, is home to more books than people.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Markus Tacker

Mundal has earned the nickname “The Norwegian Book Town” because of this distinction, and I, for one, am 100% on board. Mundal boasts only 280 residents, but it is known for its second-hand book scene, and roughly 150,000 books can be found throughout town.

Books are everywhere in Mundal, including the grocery store and the post office. In fact, if someone had a hankering to line up all the books in town, they would cover 2.5 miles. That’s a lot of books.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Travel Maco

Mundal is one of the most isolated towns on Earth and was only accessible by boat until the mid-1990s. The town is only open to visitors and tourists from May-September, but if you want to get your own book from the famous “Book Town”, you can always get one online.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Tim Cheung

If you do make the trip, the town hosts an annual Solstice Book Fair in May and June. Now I just need to find the American equivalent of Mundal and I’ll be all set…