This Man Dissected Every Sort of Disney Song and We’re Here for It

Disney is one of those things, like Harry Potter or Star Warns (the original, I suppose), that most people love once they’ve been introduced to it. It’s wholesome, it’s classic, it reminds us of childhood in the best way possible…it really is, in its purest form, magic.

So magical, in fact, that we forgive them for things like blatant racism, sexism, and other isms – and also for the strange sexual feelings we all once had for an animated fox.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, Disney fans who are attracted to men (and men-foxes).

So it makes sense that a Twitter thread breaking down each and every type of Disney song would really resonate with people, right?

Here are 9 of the 18 types he’s identified, and get ready for quite an essay, my friends.

#1. This Is The Movie

You know, like where they tell you what you’re about to watch (or in rare cases, what you’ve just watched).

#2. I Want

The character tells you what they want (it might seem obvious, but not to little kids!).

#3. I Am The Villain

We meet the bad guy and find out why and how they’re going to thwart the main character’s desires.

#4. We Should Bone

But you know, in a children’s movie way.

#5. Cheer Up, Kid!

Because we all need a little boost when an evil villain is getting us down (and a song and dance number never hurt anyone!).

#6. Here’s My Deal

It’s happy, it’s outgoing, and sure, it re-treads some territory, but so what?

#7. Here’s Our Deal

For the ensemble casts in the group.

#8. Here’s Their Deal

When we learn about the main character from someone else’s perspective.

#9. Things Will Be Okay

It’s not cheer up, and there’s no song and dance, but it still should make you feel better.

I love this! I’m going to check out the next 9 types, and then we can talk about those, too!

Do you think he’s right? How could you argue, and why would you want to, right?