This Man Thought He Found His Lost Cat — And Then The Real One Showed Up

Image Credit: Stanislav Zak

People who have and love their pets know the unique terror, worry, and fear that accompanies the moment you realize they’ve gotten away from you, and you don’t know where they are.

I’ve never lost a pet, myself, but it’s almost happened enough times, or has happened briefly, and it’s easy enough to imagine the heartache.

Which is what Stanislav Zak must have felt for the weeks that his tuxedo cat went missing – and he must have felt such joy when he found him and brought him home!

But then….his actual cat came back.

Comedian James Felton shared the story on Twitter, musing on what could be going on – movies starring cats instead of people, basically.

It didn’t take long for Twitterers with too much time on their hands to realize the cats aren’t exactly identical.

Marked up images and everything.

But it also didn’t take long for at least one woman to point out that her own husband doesn’t realize when she changes her hair color, so perhaps this man not recognizing his cat isn’t too far off base.


Strangely, this has happened to other people.

I love how they all just have two cats now, lol whatever.

And a disturbing number of people have actually buried other people’s cats.

I can’t believe they had to confess they buried the wrong cat to this man.

You guys. This happens way more often than I ever would have believed!

So, whether you believe he couldn’t recognize his own cat or just thought it would make for a good story…you can’t deny this is a good story.


And as long as no one out there is missing this OTHER cat, it has a happy ending, too!

So maybe it’s Fringe, but with cats, idk.

But this is a great tail. Don’t you agree?