This Man Reported His Own Mother for Identity Fraud. Was He Wrong?

You know it’s gotta be bad when you report someone in your own family for any kind of crime…

But it happens, folks!

And that’s what happened here in a story about a young man reporting his own mother for identity fraud.

Let’s see what went down and how readers reacted on Reddit.

AITA for reporting my mom for identity fraud?

“I (24M) and my gf put in an application to rent a condo and found out my mom borrowed ~$43,000 with my social insurance.

I talk with a lawyer and he tells me I can either report my mom for identity fraud or pay it off(or declare bankruptcy). I confront my mom and she begs me not to do it and just pay off the debt. I don’t have anywhere near that money and decide to do what the lawyer recommended. The lawyer told me filling out the police report is not the same as pressing charges but I’m still scared what might happen to her.

We use to be very poor and she used my social insurance to pay the bills and provide for me and my brother. This feels like I’m betraying her and her and my brother refuse to speak to me. My relatives all stopped talking to me.

Am I the a**hole here?”

And here’s how people responded on Reddit.

This person stated the obvious: $43,000 is a lot of money, no doubt about it.

And it sounds like his mom isn’t the kind of person to actually pay a debt off.

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Another reader said that this man is now A LOT of money in the hole and that this illegal.

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This Reddit user said that they know someone who had a similar experience and it caused a lot of havoc.

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This person thinks that the man needs to report his mom and they’re speaking from experience.

Check out what they had to say.

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