This Man Broke Into an Empty Museums to Take Selfies With Dinosaurs

Image Credit: YouTube

Everyone is looking for new and fun ways to entertain themselves these days, and bonus points if it’s something you can do with no one else around.

Well, this guy found something fun, different, cool, and easy to do while social distancing…unfortunately, his choice to break into the Australian Museum was also illegal.

Image Credit: YouTube

But let’s forget about that for a moment and focus on how hilarious this is.

According to the New South Wales police (and the CCTV footage), the intruder stole a cowboy hat from a museum coat rack and a picture from a wall, but aside from that, he really seemed to just be enjoying the exhibits.

Image Credit: YouTube

The intruder, German Paul Kuhn, turned himself in after the footage was aired on the news.

The Australian Museum has been closed for the past nine months due to renovations, so maybe he just felt like he couldn’t wait for one more day to get an up-close and personal view of the many interesting exhibits?

Image Credit: YouTube

The camera footage shows Kuhn attempting to enter many locked rooms, but aside from the hat (which belonged to a staff member) and the undetermined photograph, he only meandered and took selfies with the long-dead animal inhabitants.

He’s been granted bail, so clearly the judge believed his interests were benign. Boredom, right?

Image Credit: YouTube

The museum is taking the opportunity to review its security procedures, and they have time – they’re not slated to reopen for another six months.

In the meantime, like many museums around the world, you can check out their extensive online collection to get your (totally legal) history fix.

So, what do you think? Criminal? Hero?

The reactions Down Under have mostly been people wanting to buy the guy a beer.

So maybe he’s already a legend. Who can say?