This Moose and Her Babies Spent the Day Lounging in a Man’s Backyard

If you love nature, then you probably get pretty hyped up when a rare bird makes a stop at your backyard feeder. But imagine just how stoked you would be to find a moose and her calves hanging out in your backyard — that’s a seriously next-level nature experience.

One man in Alaska enjoyed exactly that scenario when a mother moose and her two babies spent the day lounging around in his yard.

Just look how relaxed they are!

The calves are so precious:

Ahhh, that’s the spot:

Here are they are almost cuddling:

Can you imagine watching these large animals do their thing, just outside your door?

They even tried sampling the patio furniture:

Hmm. On second thought, these bushes taste way better:

This moose encounter is just so darn cute, but it’s also important to remember that animal mothers can be very protective of their young. If they feel threatened, they will not hesitate to protect their babies in whatever way necessary. This man appears to have done the right thing by staying indoors and just snapping some photos. It’s best to leave wildlife alone, generally speaking.

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