This Very Rare White Grizzly Bear Was Spotted in Canada Recently

Photo Credit: Pexels

Grizzly bears are a sight to be had under normal circumstances. But a very special bear in Canada is drawing even more attention than usual for these furry creatures.

His name is Nakoda and he’s totally white.

Biologists say that white grizzly bears are incredibly rare, as this species typically has fur ranging in color from very dark brown to light tan. But their fur typically doesn’t go any lighter than that, except for Nakoda, of course. He was first spotted in 2017 but is gaining popularity recently, thanks to some new photos surfacing on social media. He’s been spotted most recently in Banff National Park, where park officials have watched him grow up since he was a cub.

And nope, he’s definitely a grizzly bear, not a polar bear in the wrong part of the world.

He was even spotted on video hanging out with a darker-colored bear friend, digging around in the snow.

It’s not totally clear whether this bear is male or female, but experts suspect s/he is about three years old. Wildlife officials are worried that the bear’s rare white fur will cause people to seek him out, which could make it more difficult for the bear to move around freely. Worse, it could lead to human-bear conflicts.

Hopefully, people will be respectful of this majestic and wild animal, giving him plenty of space to thrive and roam.

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